Tuesday, 10 April 2018



Please don't get confused with Islamic Allahism with Allahism by God scientist. Once it will gain popularity then I am very much sure that 'allahism' by god Scientist will also have a clear meaning in any dictionary.
Birth of Allahism: People asked me my religion many times. I am God scientist and I believe in one God which unites humanity. I never confined myself to any religion as I feel that religion always divided people and thus dividing humanity but my God or our God unites humanity that's the reason many people are losing their faith in the God as God of the religion divides people and creates sorrow in the atmosphere through Jihad or any kind of religious rituals which includes keeping women in the cage of conservative and non-progressive thoughts.
So, if it is necessary to give name to faith; identify my faith;  live and respect for God who unites world instead of dividing people, land or anything then I name  my love for God as a Allahism. Allah is one of the most sacred name or depiction of God which never took form of any sorrow but gave birth to sorrow, happiness, goodness and balance. Allah means to unite breathe (aah)’ the breathe which connects matter to soul; The breathe which connects every soul; The breathe which connects everyone to the God; The breathe which is source of all emotions. ‘Al’ is Arabic word for ‘the’ and aah is common exclamatory word in all languages for breathe and emotions. ‘Ism’ is added to word Allah to give it flow among followers. The best ‘ism’ over other ‘isms’  like terrorism, Judaism, imperialism. 
So welcome to Allahism. 

Principles of Allahism: Allahism is the progressive faith to show love for God, goodness and his balance. The father of Lord Jesus and spiritually lord Jesus in itself as every matter is made of an atom so every divine soul from Allah himself. 

No dress code in Allahism: Burqa or nudity is accepted for comfort like protection from winter/summer and feel good factor. In fact Allahism rejects all kind of attires which covers the true soul to reach God in name of anything. Bare your soul. Disrobe soul of dress covered in ignorance. 

Evolution and progress: Allahism is the most progressive faith of the world with no turn back to culture which stops human to evolve into better human. Our heart and Our soul is our holy book. If we vow anything on it then we know Allah is watching our deeds and will always keep us and others happy. 

Unity: Allahism knows no boundaries which divide human. We can love our God in any form like Lord krishna, Lord Jesus, Sun, moon and Allah himself but without any boundaries of religion which divides our own God too. If we worship him, he can be in any form like we can be black, white, brown but we all are same as we all are human. So any form but all are same God.

Science: we strongly believe in Science, reasoning, logic and progress with Ether. 

Happiness: live and let live. We can never harm anyone. God needs no protection from his creation; In fact he protects his creation so if he is crucified then it is his choice as nobody can harm him. We believe in happiness which is to be increased with every other colour of the world.

Pleasure: pleasure is enjoyment and source of happiness. It is even source of reproduction thus bringing evolution, progress and civilization on the Earth. Pleasure knows no force, no boundaries, not confined to particular gender. Pleasure is freedom, love, respect and progress in its own and various forms. All LGBT are considered pure and contribution to progress in Allahism.

Punishment: we love God and all crimes are punished by law, natural law and justice of God. Mature minds are to be educated by God not by other human but children are always welcome to educate by Allahism to avoid any crime in future. Sin for balance is acceptable but crime for imbalance is forbidden in Allahism.

Global world: we promote one language, one progressive nationhood, familiar comfortable attire, enjoyable free life, and enlightened thoughts without ignorance, progressive mind to unite people under Allahism for better, happy, progressive and divine world

I think it is enough for today as Allahism believe in progress so like minded people who love God and want real happiness in life can contribute to Allahism. It is not necessary to be God scientist to believe in Allahism. Any human with true love for God, the God which unites everyone is part of Allahism. 

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Letter to God

Letter to God

I feel I am growing every day. Age is just number. Sex is part of life not life. Lucky to be protected, blessed and helped by God. This article 'I am dedicating to my God, your God and our God. We all have energy, soul and God to help us. I would love to see if someone's God listens to my God. I love myself as I am not body with soul but soul with the body. I believe in survival for the fittest where I can do anything for my soul; for the God’ the Energy and the Balance for the Goodness.
Dear God,

You always helped me whenever I wanted you in my life. I don't want to live life of compromise. I hate dirt so I hate quantity over quality. Please help me to get out of the land where people judge me through vagina or want to see my only vagina. To get rid of compromise I can't take help of other compromise especially when it is same kind of dirt. Compromise can be enjoyment and pleasure If it is worth something n life for the purpose, the balance and the goodness. I am human with not only vagina but I have wisdom, talent and other blessings;  all are going waste as people in the land where I live are concerned more about my vagina. Oh God I have vagina, brain, legs, hands, eyes, kidney, liver etc but I am not vagina.  I can't eat, wear, breathe, do and see whatever I can do as human for my goodness and others goodness. Every day is a day of compromise with my taste and preferences and killing my all desires as my normal human rights blessed by you God. There is life waiting for me better than what I am living on the piece of land where cloud of ignorance in the form of religion, dress code, food, conservatism and crime is killing my body every day. I know dissatisfaction is in all land but progress is more in developed over third world. Please help. Please help me God. Please help me God. I want what you showed to me. I was ready to compromise on this land but you never let me compromise. You showed me the path but now you have to give me direction and energy to walk on that path. Please help me God to not waste what you gave me. My soul is quality so please show direction to the body which is only mere quantity right now in the overpopulated land like land of anthill or hill which is created by one snake and destroyed by many snakes born out of the same snake. I can do anything possible in my hand for my soul 'the goodness and balance' and the survival. Bisexuality is my freedom not compromise. Talent, blessings, knowledge is my Gift not waste. Wisdom is my life not Death. I am happy to have you as my family, friend and love today. I do not want anything more but my body as a social animal want to enjoy relationships and other ships created by you which include survival for the fittest.

I hope God listens to my prayer. ;-)
Love you God
Your Child
Chah Kunwar
Dr Wish

Facts by God Scientist

Facts by God scientist

#Saturn is going to be next living planet. Mars was last living planet. That's why people love Saturday, worship Saturn in various form. Science can also prove the same. 

#Allah is the purest word for God. Allah (The aah)' breath which connects soul with matter ‘Divine Energy.

#'Right Deed is Right religion' the most sacred crux of holy book Bhagavad-Gita

#Lord Shiva denotes first divine human like Adam with both genders man and woman. That's one reason to worship him in the form of phallus with divine union with vagina in one human. 

#Food is the matter which satisfies all senses. If food is good then senses are also good. 

#Next incarnation of God/lord Jesus/Vishnu will be in the form of queer under dark shadow of full sun. 

#Ether Age is our present time and future which will transition the whole world. The main purpose of Divinity on earth will end land age and inception of complete Ether age. 

#Women are often considered inferior gender as they are born out of men but men forgets that he was incomplete without her when he was in his Adam/Atom form. The main reason is curse; the curse of blood in women which grew ignorance among whole humanity. Women progresses so land progresses; this is the fact behind third world poverty and development of Western World. Evolution rejects curse so women should enjoy equal freedom of humanity.

#Right to abortion is natural right of human which makes them different from the animal and gives them choice to bring quality human on earth over quantity human. Always remember quantity human are poor, sad, backward, criminal and big burden on quality human. Quality human are overburdened with quantity human which is main hindrance in the progress of human civilization and creation of better world. It is even main reason behind imbalance in ecosystem and natural resources. If quality will not overtake quantity human population then one day nature will create its balance through apocalypse. It is time for human to come out of ignorance and should improve their quality over quantity. 

#People keep fast in the name of God to show their love by keeping their body free from matter for better connection with soul (the energy of God) 

#Satan in the form of lama is very ancient myth which took shape in the form of bakra-eid. Chimera was also one very ferocious form of Goat; often compared with Satan for its wrong evolution due to delay in balanced reproduction by Satan. 

#Prediction is like an Art of Science which anyone can master by reading their own aura and through few mathematical calculations. 

#Artificial intelligence is natural intelligence of human which they can feel through machines. It is official Art of mind for the evolution, civilization and better world for human, by human and with human like women. 

#When lord in one of his ancient incarnation killed demon (kans) for the balance on earth for goodness; He cursed whole humanity with his own atom. Such demon in all human makes them suffer from ignorance that's why they crucified Lord Jesus but when lord Jesus was crucified; he blessed all human with his atom to awaken their SOUL. With such blessings human progressed with renaissance. Lord is crucified in the divine triangle so his balance of demon is burnt in the satanic triangle.

#Prophecy says God with his sword of Ether (the best Art of Natural intelligence A. I) will kill the ignorance, curse and myth of the Ether (the worst imbalance by misused ignorant intelligence G. W). The platform for his divine arrival is under construction. 

# The worst imbalance of nature against God is when creation stops caring for them. Present example by Human for such imbalance is in the form of mass following, Envy, criminal activities, killing nature for building home for others etc. Human should be concerned more about their own soul and own body first (like American first) to create balance. Instead of seeing their own beauty and exploring their own potentiality when human starts bothering others body and soul without their consent then it is injustice with their own body and own soul which creates imbalance in the nature. Thus such imbalance can even invite God's wrath in the form of natural calamities.

#Religion was formed to worship God but now it is more dirty game of Satan when Jihad, rituals etc are performed in the name of God but actually for the Satan but to create imbalance in the world

#Ghost is like lost God; Energy of soul with air but without matter. Untimely death can delay the process of soul to wander in air without transition to other form or salvation. Lot of stupid myths and funny fears are associated with the same but truth is this that we all have soul but ghost/spirit are just one of us without body and even without brain but sometime air can make us connect with our own soul. Such connection with our own soul creates fear in our body and brain creates illusion of weird and funny faces/experiences sometime. There is always science behind everything. Even behind so called ghosts also.

#Hell is here only. When somebody is criminal then most probably they are born into the lower form like pig, insects etc and if someone is very good then either they attain salvation or are born with the silver spoon like heaven. 

#Sun is shapeless. Sun is the energy from which Allah is also born and all other divinity like God etc. 

#Sometime living creatures are sacrificed for pleasing deities as they eat soul (energy) not body of such living creatures. More pure body; more chances are there to connect with deities as wrong actions of such living creatures directly transition them into the lower form and sacrifices go waste. 

#God is male as male is with female too. It is like Lord Shiva with both genders; Hermaphrodite and universal without curse of blood like reproduction. 

# I can not express everything over here with all scientific and divine explanations.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Survival for the fittest

Survival for the fittest

Fittest can win’
Fittest can swim’
Fit is God’
Fit is balance’
Fittest is not greed’
Fittest is not force’
Fittest is not imbalance’
Fittest is not sorrow’
Humanity survives
Survives over the imbalance’ 
The imbalance by 
Ignorant lost human’
Pollution is against 
Survival for the fittest’ 
Cleanliness is for the
Survival for the fittest’ 
Racism is creation of
Survival for the fittest’
Ignorance is destruction of
Survival for the fittest’ 
Natural theory to
Create better world’
To destroy ignorance 
And to love humanity 
With natural balance is
survival for the fittest’
Quantity can vote but
Quality is leader so
Winner and looser is
With the rules of the 
Survival for the fittest’
If you cut trees for 
The shelter, food, greed
Greed and more greed
Then do not forget 
Nature is the fittest’
Fitter is human with
His balanced fit life so
Survival for the fittest’
Fittest wins so natural 
Balance of Goodness wins’ 
Human is closest and
Highest but earthquake
Is stronger and fittest’
When greed, ignorance 
And imbalance flourishes
So love the fittest’
Strength, Intelligence
And balanced change
Is change for  the development’
The development is
Survival for the fittest’
The fittest is balance
Of the Goodness so

Survival for the fittest’

The Black Coffin

The Black coffin

When you are branded
As third world then
You should know that
You are not human and
Other human but world
Covered under black coffin’
The black coffin
Which says NO
To progress’
The black coffin
Which says NO
To the development’
The black coffin
Which says NO
To the evolution’
The black Coffin
Which covers body
Like Burqa and veil’
The black coffin
Which covers atmosphere
Like dirt and pollution’
The black coffin
Which covers like
Ignorance and imbalance’
Clothes are comfort
Protection and beauty’
Uniform for classification 
Is human management
Status and freedom’ 
But dress code is dead
Suffocation of black coffin’
Female covered under 
Dress code of black 
Coffin and yes others
Of White and saffron’
To prevent his lust’
And killing her real 
Freedom, beauty
And fashionable humanity
That is the black coffin’
Birth giver, mother of all
Living life of black coffin’
Life draped in compromise’
Compromise is sometime beauty’ 
Compromise is sometime religion’
Compromise is sometime happiness’
Laugh on death is sorrow’ 
Wearing death is not happiness’
The age of Science and
Super science calls for revolution’
The evolution which is dead
In the black coffin
Of the dress code and
Not just dress code but
Red signal to the evolution,
Revolution, progress and 
Against the God and
Against the Allah’
Superficial holy book
Like black coffin’
Ignorant human like
Ash of God's word in
The holy book’
Kill the cover of 
Black coffin and
Let the evolution begin
To the Ether age’
If human will not help
Then nature will help
Like in the age of
Dinosaurs with the great